Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Basil, Lettuce, Mint, Oh My!

After watching my mint grow in slow motion, I decided it was time to take action. When I originally planted the mint plant, I had concerns that the potted planting may result in soggy soil. I didnt even realize that the pot had no holes on the bottom for water drainage. This past weekend I dug the pot up, drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and put a pot filled with rocks underneath to ensure good drainage. I think the mint plant is responding already as it seems to have grown as much in the past two days as it has since I planted it. Here is a picture taken in the middle of the process.
The fall lettuce I planted a little over a month ago is about ready to begin harvesting. Nice timing since the spring lettuce was getting pretty spotty due to bolting (going to seed). I found heat tolerant, slow bolting buttercrunch lettuce at the store for the fall planting. I wasnt real sure whether I could get it to sprout with such warm weather but sowing directly into the soil is a success.
A week ago I decided to plant the seeds leftover from the spring lettuce planting since I had such success with the buttercrunch. Already, the seeds have sprouted and are taking off. I expect to have lots of lettuce to eat in a month or so.
The basil continues to grow like crazy, getting close to matching the size of last years basil plant. We continue to cook with lots of basil but cannot come close to using it all. Please come by our house if you would like a stalk of basil to use when cooking. We found that cutting a stalk off and putting into a glass of water next to the stove works well as it reminds us to use it and will keep fresh for some time.


S&G's Mom said...

so that's what you did all weekend out in the garden. Oh my. :) You're hte best gardener i know. And, is our garden still organic?

SLC Gardener said...

The garden is still organic, otherwise I would have changed to name of this blog. Don't count on it anytime soon.