Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have noticed lots of bees, wasps, and flies around my garden this year. I haven't ever noticed so many flying insects out there. I do know that this is a sign of a healthy garden and also good to welcome pollinators. I snapped this picture of a bee workin' a cucumber flower.

And speaking of cucumbers, we have lots around our house. If you like fresh cucumbers, come over for your fill. This is my harvest from yesterday, notice the huge cuke on the right. I hadn't noticed it til last night, sheepishly growing away under the leaves. Also a few tomatillos starting to ripen. Now I just need my roma tomatoes to turn red and it will be salsa time.

And here is Gracie playing in the yard last night. I can't beleive what a little climber/monkey she has become. She is more adventurous and willing to climb than Sean was at her age. She climbed right on to Sean's motorcycle last night followed shortly after by a fall. Suprisingly, she didn't even cry.

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S&G's Mom said...

She was even trying to scoot around on the motorcycle. What a little doll! I hate bees by the way.