Friday, July 18, 2008

Killa squash and Slow growing mint

Zucchinni and yellow squash plants a few days ago. Notice the size change in such little time. I think the stuff grows inches overnight. My nightmares involve disturbing visions of our house being completely taken over by the vines of summer squash. And they continue to take over anything in their path. I am now having to "prune" leaves as they rob the sunlight from nearby plants (see pepper plant in picture).

A close-up of my mint plant. I planted it in a pot in my garden to contain its roots since they will take over a garden if allowed.

Yes, that's duct tape you see on my pot in the picture above. When I pulled this pot off the shelf in the garage, I noticed it was cracked in many places. After contemplating throwing it away and buying a new one, I decided the gray do-it-all could solve my problems with 1 foot of its handiness wrapped around the top. Yea, yea, I'm a cheap ass I know.

This is another picture of the mint plant following Sean's birthday. Notice the tomato cage protecting the mint from Sean's birthday toy. I sure wish that damn plant would grow as vigorously as it's supposed too, then I would have a reason to make mojito's.

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