Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hurry up with Dinner Mom!

We had Mimi in town for the weekend so she could watch the kids while Sarah and I drank ourselves unconscious . Not really, but Mimi did an excellent job cooking dinner for us while she was here. We had a zucchini casserole mom made when we were kids and a new recipe consisitng of sauteed pancetta (ham), tomatoes, onions, garlic on a bed of pasta with fresh basil and parmesan on top. Here are Mimi, Sarah and the kids. Thanks Mom for visiting and getting beat at Scrabble once again.

Here is a good picture of Gracie and mommy on the Heber train. Notice Gracies dirty pants, luckily her mom managed to keep her clothes clean the whole train ride.

Anyone interested in Kung Pao peppers? We have a few.

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SandGs Mom said...

That was great pasta, we'll have to have it again soon. Did you knwo that the sale ads overlap at sunflower farmers; market on Wednesdays? We should go there tomorrow evening.