Sunday, August 10, 2008

Squash and cucumbers are old news, tomatoes are here

I'm happy to finally have red tomatoes in the garden as I'm tiring of squash every night. I recently picked up some cookbooks at the library with many recipes for cooking squashes. We have been experiementing with them but have yet to discover any superb recipes. So far we tried sweet and sour zucchini and zucchini pizzas amongst others. Here is a picture of last nights appetizer, tomato slices on basil leaves drizzled with vinegar and oil which we put on toasted bread.I have only harvested 3 tomatoes this year so they are a delicacy at this point. I went out to grab a few things in the garden today and noticed one ripe red tomato. I picked it and layed it on the sidewalk since I didnt bring my basket for carrying veggies inside. After harvesting a few more things I went to grab the tomato and it was gone. The culprit, our big black beast. I gave him the benefit of the doubt since I didnt have the tomato in the basket and he does get tomatoes later in the summer. Notice the nice tooth mark in it.

Here is a typical days harvest. Still averaging one squash and zucchini a day.

The lettuce is now beggining to form nice heads. This is the first of many from my initial planting.

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SandGs Mom said...

the other picture of the appetizer, with the head chef, was much better. :)