Friday, August 1, 2008

Too many Tools

I was out harvesting squash and other things for dinner last night and took a good look at my bell pepper plants. The picture below was taken about 5 days ago, I will take some more pictures soon to show growing progress. I think I counted at least 10 peppers on one plant, come harvest time we will have lots. I was also poking around the cucumber vine last night and noticed lots and lots of cucumbers growing. The plant itself is about to take over my Kung Pao pepper plant. The picture below isn't so great but you can see the vines of the cucumber taking to the pepper.During my time in the garden last night I had a strange encounter with a Meerkat and former co-worker. The Meerkat can stay but I've got enough tools in my shed right now.

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S&G's Mom said...

guess we'll have stuffed bell peppers when those are all ready. How much longer til that is the case? You know, So i can get it on the menu.