Monday, August 4, 2008

Tossing the Salad

As the title hints, its lettuce time around our house once again. The heat tolerant, bolt resistant buttercrunch I planted a little over a month ago is ready for harvest. I did some thinning of plants Saturday which resulted in a nice salad for lunch. The fresh lettuce from the garden is my favorite.The cucumbers continue to amaze me with their growth. I went to harvest Saturday and found more than I bargained for. If you like fresh cucumber, come on over to the Armstrong house for a sampling. I harvested two more cucumbers Sunday and many more are close to picking.
A close-up of the fast growing buttercrunch.

Here is a good shot of the fam from the weekend. Sean and Madison are growing as fast or faster than my veggies, changing every day. And of course, Sarah is looking cute as ever.


S&G's Mom said...

OMG, i never knew I'd make a shout out on the organic beehive but it is truly a dream come true. :) Thanks babe.

S&G's Mom said...

OH and we also have more basil than we could eat in an entire year, so please please ask if you would like a bushel or two of it.