Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bike Commuter

Due to combination of rising gas prices and the fact that I drive a vehicle that sucks gasoline faster than a congressional aide sucking....(well you get the idea), I have taken to bike commuting. I had been contemplating the idea for some time and $4/gallon gas was my breaking point. Lucky for me, I have attempted such an assinine thing before in Tulsa during a summer internship, so I knew the challenges that lay ahead. My decision was also made easier by the fact that my old hardtail mountain bike had a cracked frame and a lifetime warranty. What does this mean? Take a look.

That's right, I am officially the nerd you see riding next to your car with a rack on my bike, lights so you will see me before you hit me, and bright colored clothing so I leave a mark on your car. I've put the gas saver calculator widget on my blog so you can calculate how much money you could save by being as nerdy as me (or you can see how much money I am saving = ~$21/week by riding three days a week). I am yet to ride 5 work days in a row but this has been set as my goal and the weather isnt going to get much better.

In other news, my mint is finally growing. It has flailed all summer long and now, not long before our first frost its growing like crazy. To keep the plant under control, I've been using the mint feverishly in tasty mojitos. Only problem now is that I've passed out cold the last three nights and woke up puking the next day.

Also notice how well my spinach is doing. The first set of leaves are on and growing rapidly.
Below is yesterdays harvest which included lots of cucumbers.

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youarenotscottpeters said...

Riding into work, three days a week? Baaaaaaah! Please, you aren't even in the office three days a week. Ninja, please. tee hee.