Saturday, September 6, 2008

Farmers Market

Part of working for a large coporation these days involves getting involved in the community through volunteering. Each year, we have a month of activities designed to raise money and support united way agencies. Typical activities in years past have included a golf tournament, bake sale, prize raffle, Salsa contest, and dutch oven cooking contest. This year a co-worker and fellow gardener suggested a farmers market. I had contemplated the idea last year but didnt feel up to the challenge of putting it altogether so I was really glad to hear someone else wanting to try the same. So, we both worked together and are holding a farmers market at our office each Friday morning is September. Here is my co-worker and I manning the booth the first morning.

I was quite worried that we would either not have enough produce or low sales resulting in a poor event especially since we are relying on Williams employees to dontate all the vegetable and baked goods. We are holding the market from 6:45 to 9 am since that is the busiest time for people passing by the front of the building. After getting our display set-up, we were extremely suprised by the amount of goods we had. So amazed that we started realizing how much we had to sell since most of our products couldnt be stored for next Fridays sale.
We sold most all of the produce with a few squash and tomatoes left at the end of the morning. We made a total of $350 for our first day which means we made the United Way $700 since my company matches our proceeds. So, if you are interested in a great variety of locally grown vegetables let me know so I can give you the location of our office and you can support a good cause.

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Anonymous said...

Matt..This idea is fantastic. If we lived in SLC you wouldn't have had any tomatoes leftover as I would have bought them. They are my favorite homegrown veggie; however, think I've heard they are a fruit...oh well, whatever.