Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Junk Show

As I was moving pictures from my work computer to my new jump drive, I came across this great video of Toby from last years Yurt trip. After skinning to the top of the millcreek drainage, it was time for a nice ski down to the yurt, located at the top of Millcreek canyon. Toby was brave enough to make the first attempt at skiing the slope and opted for taking a small cornice. The result wasn't pretty but made me laugh so hard I fell over. Turn up your volume when you watch so the title of this post will make sense. The pots and pans banging on Toby's backpack add a nice sound as well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The garden is dead

Thats right, gardening season here in Salt Lake is officially over now that snow has already fallen and nighttime temperatures are below 32. Sarah and I have been working to use all the tomatoes we have around the house by freezing them in addition to making salsa and pasta sauce. I do have some lettuce hanging on in the garden and look forward to another few weeks of fresh salads. Now that gardening is over, I'm getting excited for skiing. A picture from the Yurt trip in 06. With the fall leaves in full color here in the valley, I figured it was time for a comparison picture from a few years back. It's tough to put into perspective how quickly our kids grow when you are around them everyday. Here is a shot of the oak tree planted in our front yard a little over two years ago with Sean holding it in place. And a picture from the weekend.

And a typical shot of little gracie.
It only took about 35 pictures taken to get this good one.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm happy to report that I met my goal of commuting to work via bicycle all five days this week. Though tiring, I had a great time riding and working myself so hard. I am yet to get an exact distance measurement, but best I can tell my ride is about 16 miles one way. This means I rode over 150 miles in 5 days while working 8 hours each day(If you call it that). Though excited about the fact that I saved over $32 in gas, I have probably spent three times as much on bike clothing and parts. However, I am happy with the excercise I'm getting from lots of time in the saddle (think Cheesy Bacon Chili Cheeseburger for lunch).

A few incidents were reported in my previous blog but the week was good with no scary encouters. Another memorable moment occured Thursday while riding in the dark near 39th South when I saw what appeared to be a fat cat crossing the road. Upon getting closer I began to see a white stripe identifying the fat cat as a skunk leading me to ride like hell. I would also like to thank the contractor working near the driveway leading to my office building for leaving a large; almost perfectly square rock in the road. After spotting it too late, I nicked the rock with my rear wheel resulting in a bent rotor. The rotor was easily fixed but still an annoying inconvenience.

I have to thank Sarah for supporting my quest to ride way to much in one week. I was quite selfish in my determined manner to ride 5 days straight and she never complained. Instead she gave me words of encouragement and always greeted me with a smile at the door no matter how tired(grumpy) I appeared. Best of all was having a warm meal ready not long after I arrived home, almost as if she could feel my stomach grumbling. Props also go to Trevor for words of encouragement and me knowing that he understood what I was undertaking this week.

As for the garden, Im trying to prolong my harvest with tarps over plants but also excited by the thought of snow. It won't be long before getting to experience the surreal feeling of skiing deep powder.

And a great picture

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here's your sign

As previously mentioned, getting out of bed and hopping on my bike in the dark is never easy but sometimes my day is made by the things I see on my commute. This morning I was provided with good humor thanks to a scooter nerd. As if the whiney electric motor allowing you to whiz along at a brisk 8 mph isnt annoying enough, the question you posed was quite comical. I pull up to a stoplight after passing said annoying scooter girl a mile or so back and greet her with a smile. Scooter girl is dressed for a minnesota winter with scarf, gloves, and ski jacket when she asks "Are you cold too"? The look on my face left her with a quick answer to her own question as she realized that my bike doesn't pedal itself. Here's to you scooter nerd, may your battery die and you be left with nothing but your legs to move you along.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Frost

I'm now halfway through my week of commuting to work and my ass is getting pretty damn sore. Luckily, weather has been perfect thus far but Friday's forecast seems to get worse as the week rolls on. I've had no real close calls with cars but have seen some interesting things including the homeless guys who thought I was a cop with my flashing headlight and proceeded to scurry across the road right into my path. And how could I forget the lady who chose a right turn lane for going straight, which resulted in her driving two feet from my rear wheel as if she didn't see me at all. And best was the guy who yelled at me to "ride on the sidewalk" cause I was blocking his right turn lane (This occured as people were turning right in the lane he felt I was blocking). My response mumbled under my breath included something like "go back to your own country where there are no sidewalks for your prostitute sister to walk".

As for the garden, it looks like this weekend may be the end of gardening season. Snow is predicted for Saturday with temperatures around 32 degrees. I'm hoping to keep my lettuce going with some makeshift cover. Dinner last night consisted of a great baby spinach salad which I hate to see go.

I don't have any garden pictures but always have some kid pictures to share.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Commuter Challenge

Ever have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning knowing you have 5 days of work ahead til another weekend? This morning was a tough one, hearing the heater kick on and off throughout the night, I knew the ride in was going to be cool. I had also let the cat out of the bag over the weekend, my goal of riding to work 5 days straight would be attempted this week.

The start was cold and dark but a few miles in to my ride 44 degrees didn't feel so bad. Sweat was pouring from my head and down my face by the time I reached the university. Another ride to work with no close calls, no idiot honking at me, just me pedaling my ass off and enjoying every minute of the fresh air.

And the tomatoes continue to ripen.
Lots of jalapenos on my plants too.

I will try and update on my commuting progress. Weather looks like it may turn crappy by Friday so this morning may have been a test for riding in colder weather.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ahhhhh, Vacation

We returned from the Big O recently with good memories and lots to harvest. As always, we had lots of fun spending time with family in Owensboro. Relaxing at family gatherings, eating and drinking is a great way to spend some time away from the daily routine we fall into around our house. Upon returning, I was eager to spend time in the garden as I knew there would be many vegetables to pick. As you can see, I am about out of counter space for tomatoes; time to make salsa.

Or feed them all to Gracie. Who knew she liked tomatoes so much. Not us.
We have recognized her love for cold beer.

Look at Sean, showing the carnies how to drive.