Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Frost

I'm now halfway through my week of commuting to work and my ass is getting pretty damn sore. Luckily, weather has been perfect thus far but Friday's forecast seems to get worse as the week rolls on. I've had no real close calls with cars but have seen some interesting things including the homeless guys who thought I was a cop with my flashing headlight and proceeded to scurry across the road right into my path. And how could I forget the lady who chose a right turn lane for going straight, which resulted in her driving two feet from my rear wheel as if she didn't see me at all. And best was the guy who yelled at me to "ride on the sidewalk" cause I was blocking his right turn lane (This occured as people were turning right in the lane he felt I was blocking). My response mumbled under my breath included something like "go back to your own country where there are no sidewalks for your prostitute sister to walk".

As for the garden, it looks like this weekend may be the end of gardening season. Snow is predicted for Saturday with temperatures around 32 degrees. I'm hoping to keep my lettuce going with some makeshift cover. Dinner last night consisted of a great baby spinach salad which I hate to see go.

I don't have any garden pictures but always have some kid pictures to share.

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SandGs Mom said...

oh they're so cute. tried to put sean on the little bike w/ no pedals. He didn't like it. i said "daddy will show you what to do tonight" he said "okay"