Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The garden is dead

Thats right, gardening season here in Salt Lake is officially over now that snow has already fallen and nighttime temperatures are below 32. Sarah and I have been working to use all the tomatoes we have around the house by freezing them in addition to making salsa and pasta sauce. I do have some lettuce hanging on in the garden and look forward to another few weeks of fresh salads. Now that gardening is over, I'm getting excited for skiing. A picture from the Yurt trip in 06. With the fall leaves in full color here in the valley, I figured it was time for a comparison picture from a few years back. It's tough to put into perspective how quickly our kids grow when you are around them everyday. Here is a shot of the oak tree planted in our front yard a little over two years ago with Sean holding it in place. And a picture from the weekend.

And a typical shot of little gracie.
It only took about 35 pictures taken to get this good one.

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