Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here's your sign

As previously mentioned, getting out of bed and hopping on my bike in the dark is never easy but sometimes my day is made by the things I see on my commute. This morning I was provided with good humor thanks to a scooter nerd. As if the whiney electric motor allowing you to whiz along at a brisk 8 mph isnt annoying enough, the question you posed was quite comical. I pull up to a stoplight after passing said annoying scooter girl a mile or so back and greet her with a smile. Scooter girl is dressed for a minnesota winter with scarf, gloves, and ski jacket when she asks "Are you cold too"? The look on my face left her with a quick answer to her own question as she realized that my bike doesn't pedal itself. Here's to you scooter nerd, may your battery die and you be left with nothing but your legs to move you along.

1 comment:

Rex Vallis said...

You tell her, Gardener! :)

May her spark plugs gunk up and fail to spark.

May her fuel lines freeze up.