Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm happy to report that I met my goal of commuting to work via bicycle all five days this week. Though tiring, I had a great time riding and working myself so hard. I am yet to get an exact distance measurement, but best I can tell my ride is about 16 miles one way. This means I rode over 150 miles in 5 days while working 8 hours each day(If you call it that). Though excited about the fact that I saved over $32 in gas, I have probably spent three times as much on bike clothing and parts. However, I am happy with the excercise I'm getting from lots of time in the saddle (think Cheesy Bacon Chili Cheeseburger for lunch).

A few incidents were reported in my previous blog but the week was good with no scary encouters. Another memorable moment occured Thursday while riding in the dark near 39th South when I saw what appeared to be a fat cat crossing the road. Upon getting closer I began to see a white stripe identifying the fat cat as a skunk leading me to ride like hell. I would also like to thank the contractor working near the driveway leading to my office building for leaving a large; almost perfectly square rock in the road. After spotting it too late, I nicked the rock with my rear wheel resulting in a bent rotor. The rotor was easily fixed but still an annoying inconvenience.

I have to thank Sarah for supporting my quest to ride way to much in one week. I was quite selfish in my determined manner to ride 5 days straight and she never complained. Instead she gave me words of encouragement and always greeted me with a smile at the door no matter how tired(grumpy) I appeared. Best of all was having a warm meal ready not long after I arrived home, almost as if she could feel my stomach grumbling. Props also go to Trevor for words of encouragement and me knowing that he understood what I was undertaking this week.

As for the garden, Im trying to prolong my harvest with tarps over plants but also excited by the thought of snow. It won't be long before getting to experience the surreal feeling of skiing deep powder.

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Nici said...

Congratulations! That is a really long ride, and I could never have done that myself. I like to do my exercising in the climate controlled gym. But even then I stay away from the bikes.

SLC Gardener said...

Thanks Nici. Im about the opposite, can't take being in a gym.