Friday, November 14, 2008

Damn you OPEC

As I rode past Sams club this morning I saw their gas prices were at $2/gallon, which made me ponder my decision to ditch my gas guzzling truck. As stated in an earlier blog, gas hitting $4/gallon was the tipping point for me to begin commuting via bike. Seeing gas at half the cost makes me think I may have made the wrong decision. As S&G's mom can attest to, I have spent hundreds of dollars in the past few months acquiring bike gear to keep me alive and make my commute more confortable in the winter months. The savings I planned to reap from not filling up my truck have easily been offest by my gear purchases and have probably exceeded what I would have spent at the pump when gas was $4 let alone $2 a gallon.

All three of the people reading this are probably thinking; your're right Matt, your decision to begin biking was poorly timed and pretty lame. I would have to disagree if you began to think something of the sort and would also like to point out the problem with this thinking. With gas essentially half price, the normal reaction is to begin driving more, ditching any fuel savings measures taken when gas was double the cost it is today. Many people may even be so short sighted as to go out and purchase a new fuel sucking truck.

So what the hell is my point here? Everyone must change this thought process and realize that gas will go back up in cost soon enough and supply will eventually run out. We all seem to forget the past so quickly causing us great hardship and troubling times in the future. I don't care to get into the politics of our current/near future energy crisis but we should have discovered renewable energy sources for our motor vehicles long ago. Let's hope we can all keep $4/ gallon gas on the top of our minds and continue using less oil while pursuing fuel alternatives. As for me, I plan to keep pedaling away and can only hope gas returns to $4/gallon or more to validate my decision to ride.

On a lighter note, a picture of my co-worker and good friend Derek looking stylish as any middle aged- married man I know. All I can say is..............Gangsta.


SandGs Mom said...

being the perfect and supportive wife i am, i htink you should keep riding to and from work or using public transportation- you love it.

Nici said...

If I didn't have to tote around 2 kids I would be much better at conserving fuel. The air here is so bad, more people need to stop driving (and stop idling).