Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Skating and Bubblegum Ice Cream

Over the weekend, we took our visitors (Kristin and Mat) to our local ice skating arena to introduce Sean (and Mat) to the fun sport of ice skating. Sean is a huge fan of our local hockey team and has become good at skating around the house in his socks so we felt it was time for the real thing. Sean was so excited to get his skates on and get on the ice, when he quickly realized that the ice is slippery and tough to balance on. Though somewhat scared, Sean was so happy to be pulled around the rink by Mat and I for almost an hour. By the time the public skating session was over, Sarah had Sean enrolled in skating lessons which begin tonight. I know Sean is extremely excited for his first lesson as am I since I plan to take my skates and get some ice time with him.

Sean learning to skate is important to me since I have fond memories of my Grandad taking my brother and I to our ice rink in Tulsa to skate when we were young. Grandad was a good skater and taught us the basics, graduating from holding on to the boards to hockey skates in a few visits. The days of skating til I was too tired to stand on uncomfortable skates followed by a bowl of bubblegum ice cream seem like they occured yesterday. The rink in Tulsa has since been taken out and replaced with offices but the great memories of skating with my Grandad will stick with me forever.

I really hope that Sean is able to overcome his fear and learn the balance of skating so that we can share the activity as a family without my back killing me from pulling him around. Luckily for us, we currenlty have bubblegum ice cream in the freezer waiting for our arrival from his lesson.

As for Sarah and Gracie, lets hope they aren't at home eating all the bubblegum ice cream while we are gone skating.


Nici said...

The rink in Tulsa is gone? I am assuming that is the one I remember skating on as well. That sucks. We used to love to go there!

SLC Gardener said...

The one downtown in the BOK tower (Williams headquarters) was removed before I left Tulsa quite a few years ago. Too bad.

Grandad said...

I look forward to accompanying my great grandson, Sean, and his Dad on a skating adventure when they arrive in Tulsa for the Christmas holiday. What fun to reminisce about days long gone by.


SLC Gardener said...

I will pack my skates but may wait til we get to Tulsa to obtain the bubblegum ice cream.