Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boys night out

Last night S&G's mom hosted her annual cookie exchange/party so that Sean and I could go see the Utah Grizzlies play hockey. Sean and I have been to numerous hockey games and have enjoyed many nights hanging out together. Last night was another good time, Sean was well behaved and watched almost 5 minutes of the actual game. Sean filled the rest of the night with eating, walking around the arena and watching the zamboni's work their magic. A few highlights are:

As I drove to the hockey arena, we got behind a nasty truck that was spewing exhaust. Not long after I began to smell the exhaust, Sean asked me "what that smell daddy"? Instead of answering, I asked him what it smelled like. His reply, "the hairport". Ahhhhhhhh, yes the airport does smell like exhaust. Too funny how kids pick up and associate things like this.

Attending the hockey game isn't complete without consumption of a churro. Most of us probably remember eating churros as kids at similair events, I remember lusting over them at Disneyland. Sean wanted a churro following his approval of the zamboni's ice cleaning during the 1st intermission. So we took a walk around looking for the elusive churro. And they were elusive last night, as we were told by numerous vendors they sold out and were making more. We happened to walk up to the Chili Verde vendor cart as they were putting the fininshing touches on another batch of churros. This allowed Sean the opportunity to view the science of rolling deep fried bread in a cinnamon/sugar mixture. After getting his churro, we returned to our seats where Sean devoured his treat. Following this, Sean went to the empty row in front of ours and proceeded to be "churro guy" for the rest of the 2nd period. I loved nothing more than watching his little imagination run wild as he rolled churros in the cinnamon/sugar mixture then took my order followed by my money. It's so much fun to play along with games like this. I can only hope that Sean's bright future holds a career as a "churro guy", cause that deep fried goodness is in high deman here in Utah.

The last period began with Grizzbee, the team mascot walking aroung the stands to greet fans. As usual, Sean got very excited to see Grizzbee and wanted to talk to him. We waited patiently for Grizzbee to make his way to our section as he seemed to be headed our way. Things didn't pan out as hoped and Sean was disappointed when he changed course. Sean asked if he could go see Grizzbee so I gave him the green light. As Grizzbee charged on through the stands, as did Sean, shouting GRIZZBEE as loud as he could every 5 feet. All this was done simultaneous to his turning around to check my position, smiling and waving each time he saw me, making sure I didn't leave him behind. Sean finally reached Grizzbee for a big hug and at least ten high fives while numerous people in the crowd laughed at his cute pursuit of the big bear (I was dying laughing at his cuteness during all this).

And that was our fun filled evening that was topped off with our arrival at home to way too many cookies.


SandGs Mom said...

a few comments: well i cant remember any now except that sean was not supposed to get a churro b/c he didn't eat his dinner. And Your comment about sean's future being a churro indicated we would be in Utah at the given time that sean can become a churro roller...I dont think so.

Pummill said...

Matt...we are impressed at what a great father you are. Sounds to us that you are thoroughly enjoying your nights out with Sean and visa versa.