Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hot and Cold

The weather in Salt Lake has finally turned somewhat cold and we now have a little snow on the ground. I didn't ride my bike into work on Monday because a storm was supposed to occur throughout the day and riding in falling snow sounded like a good way to get hurt. I pondered riding to work today but backed out using slick spots on the road as an excuse. The drive to work this morning presented very little snow/ice on the roads and left me thinking I should have ridden my bike.
During my walk inside, I saw one of my co-workers who knows of my bike commute. She asked how I was doing, so I told her that I was thinking to myself what a wuss I was for not riding to work. Her reply and look on her face left me wondering if I am totally crazy because of my love for challenging adverse weather conditions.
While I don't enjoy being extremely cold or hot, I can tolerate extremes with proper gear and don't much mind them when doing something I really enjoy. Each morning on my ride to work, I usually start out cold repeatedly telling myself that it will warm up soon enough (5 minutes into my ride). I often refer to my theory on comfort during snow skiing. There are times when you may be chilled while snow skiing but overheating during an outing must be avoided at all costs.
So back to my original question; am I crazy for pushing myself in weather others won't even bother peeking outside for? During the hot Utah summers, I truly enjoy the challenge of mountain biking in 100+ degree heat. Some of my biggest smiles during winter occur while standing on a ridge, snow and wind whipping about, picking my next line. And now I've reverted to a pervese feeling of exctiement when my knees, ears and face are numb from the start of my bike commute. I truly don't care to understand my motivation and desire to challenge such conditions but only hope that my drive to bike commute during cold weather endures the long, dark winter.
On another note, the weather pattern in Salt Lake has finally made a shift with weather forecasts calling for storms to start moving. I'm sure many other skiers can understand the giddy feeling I have when seeing said weather forecast. For now, I took a photo from my office showing the latest snow storm and will continue diligently watching weather forecasts.

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