Thursday, December 4, 2008

Picture Stealer

Postings lately have been slim thanks to the fact the winter has set in which for some reason means my camera comes out less. When it does make an appearance, I usually manage to capture something pretty good and last weekend provided no letdown. The letdown came the following day when I saw that S&G's mom stole my golden picture and posted on her blog. So instead of posting my great picture I will put a link to it here, and post a good summer shot of the picture stealer and Gracie.

Though it's supposed to be winter, the weather in salt lake has been incredibly mild allowing for lots of biking opportunities. I am still riding my bike into work and have yet to break out my winter biking gloves. I have only ridden one day thus far when it was cold enough to freeze my water bottle (that's a good indicator of damn cold). The Thanksgiving weekend weather even allowed my brother and I to tow Sean behind the tandem. We made a trip up to the market and had a good time cruising on the tandem. Unfortunately, we dont have a picture to prove that Lowell actually pedaled. Obviously I'm enjoying the nice weather but it needs to snow.

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SandGs Mom said...

ha ha ha! It was on MY camera. And, i wish we did have a picture of you two on that tandem, it would make for some great stories -- Gay or Not Gay? JK, i think it is awesome that you guys did that and know Sean loved it.