Monday, December 22, 2008

Project 10

One of the great perks of working for a large company is that we have a wellness coordinator working to help employees stay motivated to mainain good physical health. Obviously this only makes sense for the company as it keeps health care costs down and most likely improves productivity. Our wellness coordinator does a great job of continually offering programs designed to motivate the office drones. The program offered during the holidays is called project zero. The idea of project zero is keeping weight off over the holidays which I never really thought was a big deal. I'm not sure what the official numbers are but the average american probably gains 5-10 pounds during this time of year, feasting on sweets and treats.

Project zero consists of a weigh in before thanksgiving and another weigh in following christmas with the goal of maintaining the same weight. I decided to participate in project zero two years ago, a year when I returned home to Tulsa for the christmas holiday. I didn't set out to maintain my weight not really thinking that I could gain too much in such a short time. My motivation to maintain my weight wasn't a high priority since it would all come off with spring mountian biking. At the final weigh in, I found out that I had actually gained ten pounds. You may be thinking, better try harder next year fat ass. So what did I do? I decided not to participate in the project zero the following year.

Since we were headed to Tulsa for Christmas this year for almost two weeks, I decided it best to make another run at project zero and actually try to maintain my weight. Of course, incentives to maintain your weight are added, which include cold hard cash. So far, I am ahead of my previous showing in the program but staying in Tulsa for so long is very trying. I have been hitting the gym here almost every day, which is killing me since I hate gyms. I'm almost certain that I have gained at least a few pounds if not five so far but I have hope that any gain can be lost by serious bike riding prior to the final weigh in. With plenty more Taco Bueno to eat in the coming days, I better stick to my daily gym routine.


Mimi said...

Yes, I'm really concerned about your fatt ass....HA. Maybe you should try your mom's Christmas diet!

SandGs Mom said...

Poor Mimi and her diet. Babe, we're on vacation -- just eat and be merry!