Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cold Pursuits

Today marks the coldest day of the year for my commute with a reported temperature of 19 degrees F. Starting out in such cold weather is always a challenge since dressing properly means being on the chilled side for a while. This morning I was feeling warm at the 4 mile mark, recognized by the sensation of my ears stinging as they warmed. My feet however, never got that warm feeling. They felt like ice blocks while walking into my office building and were happy to be defrosted by a hot shower. The real problem this moring was that my water was frozen when I went to take a drink around mile 8. I've had icicles in my water bottle before but never had the problem of frozen water in the drinking valve. Guess I will have to start with warm/hot water in the mornings and see how long it lasts. Other than some cold issues, things went smooth and I'm primed for the coast/ride home.

Last night Sean and I ventured out to pursue another favorite cold/winter activity, ice skating. As previously mentioned, Sean took ice skating lessons in a 6 week program at our local rink last year. We haven't signed him up for more lessons but have been working to improve his skating skills through open skate sessions. Last night was another night of improvement and many proud moments for dad. Once again, Sean was hesitant stepping onto the ice, asking to hold my hand and not skating under his own power. After a few laps, Sean was back into his old stride, skating without my assistance and keeping a good pace. The rink was busier than I've ever seen with what appeared to be every mormon ward out for some good family fun. Though mormon teens provide good humor (people watching), they also had me convinced that Sean would lose a finger before the night ended (imagine a car with no brakes). Then comes the proud Dad part, with many young girls commenting on Sean's cuteness and his ability to skate so well for his age. There were also a few adults who looked on in envy as they clung to the boards while slowly moving along. Yet another fun night with my son who continues to show his natural athletic ability.

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SandGs Mom said...

definitely the cutest kid i know.