Thursday, January 8, 2009

Return of Project 0

Today was the final day to weigh in for the project zero program here at my office. In case you aren't in the loop, I previously described the program here. Since I participated in project zero this year, I kept track of my weight more than usual. I managed to keep my weight steady during the Thanksgiving holiday but Christmas is a different story. I actually managed to gain 5 pounds in the eleven days we spent in Tulsa. Based on my list of restaurants visited, I probably would have gained 10 pounds if not for working out 7 of the 11 days in Tulsa. The fact that one can gain that much weight from eating such unhealthy food for less than two weeks really says something about eating at restaurants.
Lucky for me, we returned from Tulsa on December 28th and I had til today (10 days) to lose the 5 pounds gained and meet my goal of no weight gain. Upon our return to SLC, the transition from choosing one of many favorite restaurants in Tulsa versus eating healthy meals prepared at home wasn't easy. I felt like I was retraining myself to eat a healthy breakfast followed by light lunch and well rounded dinner cooked by S&G's mom. Ten days of eating healthy coupled with riding a stationary bike 6 of 10 days since home resulted in me meeting my goal. Not only did I loose the weight I gained in Tulsa but actually ended up almost 4 pounds below my weight at the initial weigh in. Thanks to our wellness coordinator, Ashley, for keeping the program alive and challenging me to maintain my weight. Now that I met my goal, Is it wrong that I wan't to eat a huge meal at one of my favorite SLC restaurants to celebrate?
Anyway, I can now return to my normal habits of working out when the weather allows and splurging on unhealthy foods occasionally. I never thought I would have hate towards snow but now that my bike commuting is on hold due to slick roads, I am reconsidering my stance. The other thing I'm considering; do I buy studded tires (expensive) for my bike or make my own using an old tire and sheet metal screws?

A really cute picture of Sean and Sarah. Thanks to Sarah for keeping me on track with well rounded meals planned and prepared every night, not to mention everything else she does for our family.

I couldnt leave Gracie out of this post and had this really cute picture of her smiling.

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