Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Play

The current inversion in the Salt Lake valley seems to hamper most outdoor activities but we managed to keep the kids happy with lots of fun this weekend. I laid low with no skiing, biking or skating as my knee healed from Fridays mishap. I did manage to make it home via bike Friday but putting any pressure directly on my knee cap still hurts. This morning allowed me to revisit the wreck scene and question where things went wrong. Always seems to go back to attentiveness and the ability to constantly focus on riding instead of all the other things that wander through my mind. Caught off guard once again, I hit a rock head on this morning while pedaling through south salt lake. Who would ever expect a 4" size rock lying in the middle of the bike lane? Luckily I won this time by staying on my bike and no flat tire or tire trueing required.

The response from Sean when asked to smile. Looks like Sarah knows how to smile.

Gracie having fun playing in the water at discovery gateway.

A rare moment around our house. Too cute.

Gracie training for her career in retail.

The other response from Sean when asked to smile.

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