Monday, February 2, 2009

Skiing at Work

There are few days that I truly enjoy my job; last Friday being one of them. It wasn't a great day cause I was working on my favorite emission inventories, stack testing or submitting hazardous waste reports. Last Friday is the day known as Solar Ski day around my office and is almost tradition since its beggining 5 years ago. Solar ski day is the only day of the year that us lowly environmental scientists are treated like engineers (the guys who actually purchase turbines). So full advantage must be taken of the annual event which includes skiing at Deer Valley, lounging in nice accomadations, eating great food and drinking (lots of drinking). For those that haven't skiied Deer Valley, the groomers expand in every direction, leaving many chances to lose your ski partner. Since we always practice safety first here at my company, I requested all my ski partners wear bright colors to ensure no members of the party were left behind. Unfortunately (or fortunately) only one of my ski partners truly lives by our company motto "safety first" as shown below.Thanks to Derek for wearing the safety orange colored jacket. No chance of losing you on the pimp tight groomers of Deer Valley. As for Scott, just cause you grew up in the 80's gives you no right to continue wearing the same ski gear you did back then. But hey, the green suit makes your big airs look that much better.

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