Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks for the push

Today started off great by setting a record fastest bike commute to the office (65 minutes). The wind was steady from the South, pushing me along at a pace of 25 mph in spots. I was also noticably lighter with no lunch or computer in my backpack. I was happy to have such a nice commute, record warm temperatures and the sun coming up early enough to light most of my ride. Good days are easy to appreciate when reflecting on previous rides where things don't work out so well.

Last week held spotty weather, allowing me to commute three of five days though milage was cut short by various events. I was happy shorten my ride Monday to meet up with my family and brother who happened to be in town. Thursday allowed for a full ride to and from the office but also involved a few close calls. I had two people pull out in front of me within a mile of each other. Lucky for me, I was paying close attention and was able to avoid being crushed by their car tires.

My luck turned real sour upon my return home Friday. I had my pack stuffed with cold weather clothing, lunch box and work clothes to the point of seams bursting. I struggled to get my pack attached to my bike rack and didn't realize the damage done until 10 miles into my commute. It started with a funky noise coming from my rear wheel, no big deal considering my bike always has some hard to pinpoint noise. As it got louder by the minute, I finally pulled over and realized the damaged caused by my overloaded backpack. My bike rack actually bent under the weight resulting in my fenders rubbing the tires. I decided it best to catch the train home and work on repairing the damage where I had full access to my tools. After boarding the train, I looked down only to see that my rear tire was also flat. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. I haven't had a flat tire in months and now I get one in the midst of another problem. My commute home was ended with a walk from the train station to my house, rolling my noisy and flat tired bike home.

My expression on the train ride home may have been similair to Gracie's upon being busted playing in Moms make-up.