Tuesday, March 17, 2009

500 and more

I'm happy to report that I broke the 500 mile mark on my bike yesterday. Thanks to Lowell and Michele for the bike computer, allowing me to race myself into work each morning. I installed the new computer upon returning home from Tulsa mid-January, meaning I rode over 500 miles in 2 months. I'm pretty stoked considering that portion of winter is about the nastiest (ice/snow) here in Utah.I would also like to officially announce my decision to sport the sweetest mullet in Moab at the upcoming Testicale Festival. For those who have seen my hair lately and physically recoiled, now you know why I am growing such atrocious neck hair. On to the reason I decided to officially announce my hair choice for the TF. On my ride home last Friday, sitting at 9th South and 3rd East, a junky car rolled by with open windows. A male passenger with Billy Ray Cyrus style mullet shouts "Better watch it, next time we'll run over you"!

After arriving home and cooling down from idiots yelling threats out their window, I told Sarah my story. Her first question, "What did you say back"? In my head I said "Better watch it, or I will get off this bike and kick your ass", but I know better. Picking a fight with someone in a 2 ton peice of metal is about like throwing pennies at an aggravated Brontosaurus. Another reason I keep my mouth shut.


Nici said...

I love the hair choice! Can't wait to see it! :)

youarenotscottpeters said...

What would you do if a guy in a mini van rolled up next to you and started shouting obscenities? If I see you, you better watch out!