Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moab, Zion and lots of driving

This past week, the Armstrong family loaded up and headed to Southern Utah so I could work and everone else could play. Though the weather wasn't always perfect, we did get plenty of sunshine and warmth to enjoy the outdoors. Sean and I took a hike to the emerald pools in Zion National Park so he could explore. Though we made many stops to check out trees, water and bugs; we managed to make it to the second pool and back before Sean was tired of hiking.

After our hike, Sean noticed the horse stable at the trailhead and had to check things out. Lucky for him, the cowboy working the trail rides was bored and charmed by Seans personality. Sean got to "ride" a horse around the stable followed by a long sit atop another horse.
Our vacation ended with a trip to a cheesy roadside trading post/junk store. Where else can you find $500 geodes and swords in the same place. I felt like Clark Griswold for the 30 minutes we spent at this place.

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