Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Green Spring

The spring weather in Salt Lake has been great for gardening with lots of moisture and cool temps. We returned from our family camping trip to a thriving garden, tomatoes are taking hold and the broccoli is producing crowns. We should be eating broccoli soon

We even have a baby zuchinni on our plant. Only a few more weeks til casserole season.

Though the wet spring has been great for my garden, its not so great for camping. We joined about 10 other families this memorial day weekend for camping in Moab. The weather could have been drier but we had a great time and look forward to camping in June.

Gracie trying to eat Sean's binoculars.

Sean and I showing the slickrock begginer loop how its done. We made most all the hills and made it back to the parking lot with no injuries. Pretty good for two guys who had never ridden a trail-a-bike before this trip.

Sean forcing a smile on the raft.

I'm not sure if the beer or paddling made her tired but Gracie needed her catnap on the raft.

This is the face required when trying to pee in a 40 degree river.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

F'd Up

I dislike the title of this blog but can't find any words to better describe my day yesterday. My day was great for the most part, I did my bike commute which always makes me happy. I made a stop by my good friend Toby's house on the way home. For my five readers who havent heard the story, Toby injured both feet/legs in a dirt bike accident last Friday in Moab. This leaves Toby with very limited mobility, pain and a long road to recovery. I hate to see anyone in such a predicament, especially after having gone through Sarah breaking one foot. So I tried my best to cheer Toby up and offer any help I could. I continued on home to two smiling kids and a happy wife, but couldnt stop feeling bad for Toby.

Upon finishing dinner and the dishes, we decided to head out for a walk to the Artic Circle for ice cream. We were walking back home after finishing our ice cream when our family became witness to a horrible accident. Sarah was heading out for a run while the kids and I headed back home to begin the bedtime routine. Moments after Sarah and I separated, I was crossing the crosswalk when I heard the motorcycle tires begin screeching. I turned around to see a truck 15 feet away making a turn in front of a motorcyclist going 35 mph. There was no time for the motorcyclist to stop as he skidded 10 feet before laying his bike down and going under the front of the small pickup truck. I still can't understand why but the driver of the truck continued driving as the man was pinned under his truck. By far the most gruesome thing I have ever seen was the poor man flailing under the front axle as the truck dragged him 30 feet. I began yelling at the top of my lungs to stop and thank god Sarah was on the other side of the road. She saw what happened and literally got in the drivers face to make him stop. All the yelling drew neighbors from all corners who converged on the unreal scene. I was trying to keep the kids from seeing what was going on while calling 911 and Sarah tried to comfort the two men involved. It wasn't two minutes later there were ten men lifting the little white truck and rolling it away from the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was still alive, breathing but badly mangled.,0,939889.story

Needless to say, it wasnt easy going to bed last night. I cried myself to sleep thinking how we must enjoy everyday that we are able to live a healthy life. I hope to never witness anything like this again as I struggle to understand why the chain of events occurred. I just thank god that our family wasnt injured in the accident and hope the motorcyclist makes a speedy recovery.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Show Off

Sean and I are now reaping the rewards from our hard work a few months ago. We have lots of lettuce and radishes to eat around our house. If the Broccolli and Cauliflower would start producing we might look like professional gardeners.

Sean showing off a nice radish. After eating our first radish harvest, we realized that we don't really like radish. If you do, come on over and help put it to good use.

This is our chive plant from last year. This year we are getting nice purple flowers in addition to having more chives than we could ever use when cooking.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

1000 miles in 4 months

I had hoped to post my latest goal here but never managed to find the time. My goal was to reach 1000 miles on my bike prior to leaving for the TF (next Monday 5/11). I hit the 1000 mile mark today on my way into work and celebrated by high fiving a fat lady standing on the side of the road. As previously noted,, I put my new computer on in mid- January. Now I just have to decide where to set my goal for the end of 2009.And a few pictures of the kids from last weekend.