Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Green Spring

The spring weather in Salt Lake has been great for gardening with lots of moisture and cool temps. We returned from our family camping trip to a thriving garden, tomatoes are taking hold and the broccoli is producing crowns. We should be eating broccoli soon

We even have a baby zuchinni on our plant. Only a few more weeks til casserole season.

Though the wet spring has been great for my garden, its not so great for camping. We joined about 10 other families this memorial day weekend for camping in Moab. The weather could have been drier but we had a great time and look forward to camping in June.

Gracie trying to eat Sean's binoculars.

Sean and I showing the slickrock begginer loop how its done. We made most all the hills and made it back to the parking lot with no injuries. Pretty good for two guys who had never ridden a trail-a-bike before this trip.

Sean forcing a smile on the raft.

I'm not sure if the beer or paddling made her tired but Gracie needed her catnap on the raft.

This is the face required when trying to pee in a 40 degree river.

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Alie said...

That's an awesome picture of Sarah. I'm so jealous of your garden...and the camping trip. Fun.