Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Triple

I set out for work yesterday with a goal I pondered all winter long. I wanted to complete what I call "the Triple", something I only managed to do once last season. The triple involves riding my bike to work, riding my mountain bike behind the office (15 mile loop) followed by riding my commuter bike home. The total mileage for the day is approximately 47 miles. Having ridden Sunday and Monday, my legs were already spent before I began yesterday morning. After my mountain bike ride, I was feeling tired but still up for the challenge of riding home. I made it home and could have fallen asleep with the kids at 8. I built tomato cages instead (pictures and info later). As for whats next, the triple only gets harder as the summer months get warmer here in Salt Lake so trying for the triple 3 days a week may be a bit much.

My reward after making it home yesterday was Sarah's homemade lasagna accompanied by homegrown broccoli and lettuce.

I was also lucky enough to have two cute girls join me for dinner.

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chet's amazing log said...

You are getting too fast. after our last ride i started looking at lighter bikes. I have decided that it will be cheaper to give you $50 to buy a 7" 40 pound downhill bike than have me buy a lighter bike. let me know.
PS thanks for the greens, have been eating em (very tasty)