Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Triple and a Record

Mondays are always a drag, especially after a three day holiday weekend packed with non-stop fun. I was able to get myself out of bed yesterday so that I could commute in on my bike and enjoy the early sunrise. Imagine my mood when 8 miles into the ride I realized my rear tire was going flat. I got the tire changed quickly and managed to arrive at the office in time for an 8 am meeting.

The ride home was sweet with 15 mph winds from the NW, a killer tailwind. I was able to set a new speed record, 52 minutes for the ride home. After arriving home, I quickly changed gear and loaded up my mountain bike for a ride at Solitude. Thanks to Chet and Scott for letting me smoke them on the uphill, then showing me how to ride logs on the down. After completing the triple in 95 degree heat and a few vanilla rum root beers, I slept quite well.

Thanks Aunt Michele and Uncle Lowell for Gracie's new bike helmet. She hates wearing it (as with anything we put on her) but Sean sure enjoyed it.

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