Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cool Summer

Bigger Garden = Bigger Basket
Even the bigger basket can't hold my entire days harvest. I have to take a load in the kitchen and return for more. Tomatillos anyone? I think we may try one tomatillo plant next year. How about my heirloom eggplant?

You can never have too many tomatoes. Just too many tomatoes and not enough time to get them prepped for freezing or canning. The shot below represents about one tenth of one tomato plant (I have four). I think we may have plenty in a few weeks.

The past two weekends have provided really cool weather in Salt Lake allowing the Armstrong kids lots of outside play time. Not quite cool enough for snow goggles but they keep the bugs out of your eyes.

Looks of concern!
Look of excitement!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Corn

The Armstrong kids enjoying homegrown corn.
And 4 wheelin in the back yard.

Sean flirting with mormon girls at the park.