Thursday, September 3, 2009

Farmers Market Returns

It's United Way season at my office again which means being bombarded with activities/fundraisers at every cubicle corner. A co-worker and I are once again taking it a step further this year, ensuring participation in our fundraiser by setting up the market at the building entrance. We held our 1st Farmers market of the year on Wednesday and doubled our sales from the 1st day last year. I forgot to get a shot of the set-up but did remember to snap a picture of my produce picked for the market. I wrangled Sean into sitting by the harvest since he is always my helper when working in the garden.

The Armstrong house hasn't slowed down and the coming weekends are chock full of activities. Here are a few pictures of the rats.

And a great picture of cute mommy.

This weekend I will be riding in a mountain bike race in Park City. I am competing as a team with a friend, I ride the first 35 miles, he rides the next 40. I'm just hoping to complete my portion so Steve gets his turn.

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