Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Denver Rocks

As previously noted, we recently enjoyed a family vacation to Denver and Colorado Springs following my business trip. I met up with some friends for mountain biking in Denver so they could put SLC trails to shame. I was extremely disappointed to discover Denver MTB trails are not cleared of all rocks (SLC trails are smooth and buff). Riding a 1995 Gary Fisher hardtail with the front fork locked out, I got to experience the toughness of Denver rocks. Unfortunately, my shoulder lost the battle against those rocks, leaving me with torn ligaments. I'm now three weeks since riding a bike and about to go stir crazy. Now that I have regained some use of my left arm, I hope to get back on my bike this week. In the meantime, more pictures of Sean and Gracie.

Getting along, for a short time anyway

Doing everything big brother does
We didn't even get pooped on.
The calm before the storm.

Sean getting a cow milking lesson

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