Thursday, October 29, 2009

White Rim Trip Report

This past weekend I set out with 10 others on a mountain biking/camping trip through the backcountry of Canyonlands National Park. Scott mentioned the trip last year after receiving a permit for October 09, leaving me in anticipation for a year. We drove to Moab Friday night for a quick start Saturday morning.

Jim inspecting the packing job.
After getting paperwork completed at the park office, it was time for the Schafer trail, a fat bikers dream(downhill = no pedaling).

See the road below me. Shannon descending the road (white helmet)

Some don't care to walk across this arch (me). Others show off while in such a precarious spot.

Jim mashing the pedals
Mike catching up (see the red spec on the road)

Night #1 sunset from camp
Jim taking pictures along the way. (see the tiny spec at the canyon rim). After seeing the number of pictures Jim was shooting, I decided to put my camera down and wait for a CD from him post trip.Though I did manage one more picture of Chet and Shannon at the alleged Colorado/Green River confluence. Look at Scott save his PBR from sure death if it were to fall over the 1000' cliff next to him.
We rode out Monday afternoon after three days of easy pedaling, great scenery and good memories. This trip ranks high on the list of good times this year.


Pummill said...

Certain you enjoyed the well deserved outing after babysitting while Sarah was in Tulsa plus all the canning you've been doing. Send your recipe for the soup!!

Grandad & MeeMaw

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