Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Packed Weekends

Posting has been minimal lately with so many activities packed into every weekend, purchasing a new home and all the holiday events. Thanks to The Corums and Armstrongs for making trips to SLC recently. We enjoyed spending time with you but more importantly know that Sean and Gracie love having you here.

After narrowing down our home search area through drives in potential neighborhoods, we found an area that is affordable and will make our life richer. Our new home will offer more space inside and out, elementary school less than 2 blocks away and cut my office commute from 16 to 4 miles. We are excited by the changes though dreading the actual move.

Our trip to the Uinta mountains the weekend before Christmas to stay in a Yurt was a success. Though there was lots of crying on the hikes to and from, we enjoyed the experience and will definately do another yurt trip in the future.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cold Gear review

With snow yet to fall in Salt Lake, temperatures still indicate the presence of winter. This mornings low was predicted to be 12 degress, unfortunately it was only 16 when I woke up. The good news is that I broke my previous cold weather bike commuting record of 18 degrees with this mornings commute.

A drink of water was out of the question about half way in. Still frozen after thawing for few minutes once at the office.

In addition to testing my determination, this mornings commute allowed a test of my cold weather gear. Cold weather commuting is a tough balance of warmth without sweating like Tiger Woods in the midst of a mistress discovery. I am still waiting on a warmer pair of tights to arrive from my online shopping fiasco (wrong size, out of stock product). In the meantime, I must rely on light tights and a pair of xc ski pants over the top on days below 20. The combo worked quite well keeping me warm without sweat pouring down my legs. I also stepped up my upper base layer to a heavy weight xc synthetic ski shirt which was almost too much as I had to begin unzipping my jacket after 4 miles. I will surely be a sweaty pig on the ride home. My purchase of Pearl Izumi Amfib lobster gloves continues to pay off. I found the gloves over the summer at less than half original price and have never experienced cold fingers while wearing them(even this morning). They are almost too warm as they were sweaty upon my arrival at the office this morning.

I am now on the hunt for a solution to cold feet while riding in temps below 20. My current set-up is a nice wool/synthetic ski sock with Sugoi resistor booties over the top of my shoes. Though the Sugoi booties keep my feet pretty warm in temps above 20, my feet were cold 30 minues in and ice blocks by the time I reached my office. There are plenty of shoe covering options on the market but I don't like shelling out full price for such gear. I may try and fabricate a synthetic wool "sock" to fit over my shoe before putting the sugio booties over. For now, knowing that a warm shower and thawed feet get closer the harder I pedal keeps me going.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dancing Queen

Gracie shows off her moves for Danny, Duke and Daddy. It's obvious that she has my rythym and Sarah's singing ability.