Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Packed Weekends

Posting has been minimal lately with so many activities packed into every weekend, purchasing a new home and all the holiday events. Thanks to The Corums and Armstrongs for making trips to SLC recently. We enjoyed spending time with you but more importantly know that Sean and Gracie love having you here.

After narrowing down our home search area through drives in potential neighborhoods, we found an area that is affordable and will make our life richer. Our new home will offer more space inside and out, elementary school less than 2 blocks away and cut my office commute from 16 to 4 miles. We are excited by the changes though dreading the actual move.

Our trip to the Uinta mountains the weekend before Christmas to stay in a Yurt was a success. Though there was lots of crying on the hikes to and from, we enjoyed the experience and will definately do another yurt trip in the future.

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