Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 Kickoff

My blogging activity has been lacking this new year thanks to our recent move and a change in policy at my office prohibiting the use of blogger over our network. The good news is that my work commute is now 5-10 minutes and productivity is up at work. The Armstrong family is getting closer to being settled in our new home with each day/night of work. There are a few boxes lingering and lots of pictures, etc. to hang but we are really enjoying our new digs.

I finally found the motivation to bike commute to work today and forgot how much better I feel after the ride. It took me approx. 25 minutes thanks to my break from riding during our move but riding it faster will give me something to work towards. I'm excited for the ride home which is almost all downhill and should be complete in 15 minutes.

Skiing in Salt Lake finally improved with our last week of storm after storm. I went up Sunday to fight the crowds and help track out Solitude in less than an hour. Thanks Outdoor retailers/Sundance/Vacationers for reminding me why not to ski on a weekend.

With all the activity at our new and old house lately, I haven't dusted off the camera lately. Soooooooooooooooooo................... a flash back to my pre-TF '09 business trip.

Paul Dunegan reluctantly poses with me for a picture at the Pleasant View Compressor Station

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