Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is here...........Finally

After months of cold with little or no snow for skiing, the Armstrong family is happy to welcome the arrival of spring. I'm usually sad to see the skiing season end but I've had enough of this seasons splitting storm systems and over-predicted snow totals. Even the few "good" days of powder skiing I had this year were ruined by the powder hungry crowds. Crowds at Solitude, who knew.

To start this spring off right, we planted Broccoli starters and sowed lettuce/spinach seed on March 6. The seed is coming up now and should provide more lettuce than we can eat in three weeks. I hope we are eating broccoli within the next 4 weeks too.

I wrangled my farm helpers into posing for some pictures by our new garden.

Hey look at me, I can ruin your picture

Gracie with Broccoli behind her

Slowly growing

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SandGs Mom said...

i'm glad she never put her cell phone down during her work case someone needed to reach her and all.