Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crackin' me up

Sean is such a smart kid, always asking questions and surprising us with his knowledge and personality. He also says and does some pretty funny things I wanted to document. I started this post mid-summer and am finally posting.

Sean and I got out of our car and were walking across a parking lot when a car with windows rolled down drove up within earshot. We needed to cross paths with the car so it was either him stopping or us. Sean looked at the driver and said "excuse me, could you please stop for us?" The driver and his female passenger kinda laughed and said "sure." After getting across the street, Sean looked back and waived them on while saying "you can go ahead now, thank you."

Sean got into my truck and took some of the Skittles candy I have stashed in the door compartment. I didn't realize he had done this until seeing him walk over to his sister and give her a few before putting the rest into his mouth.

Sean and I were looking at his work from school and I was commenting on how great his artwork was. His reply "you know I'm a regular Van Gogh dad"

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Anonymous said...

We've already witness how smart and clever this little clone of his Dad is.