Monday, August 16, 2010

Been a While

A busy summer has kept me from posting in quite some time. Most evenings are spent in the garden or bike riding. In addition, I haven't been good at taking pictures. We have had many good times this summer with the highlight being our trip to Puerto Rico. Beach time on San Juan with family was priceless. I wish we could do something like that every summer. Our extended trip to Vieques was a blast. Our family had so much fun exploring the island.

My last post noted the soon to be ripe raspberries which didn't pan out. Each time 3 or 4 berries would ripen, Sean would be out eating them. Not a problem since we never got enough to make jam anyway. I'm now realizing that some of the berries are ever-bearing and are now about to produce lots since I chopped the plants down in spring.

I hope to get pictures posted of the last month and our gardens current state soon.