Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'bout time

After not doing any backcountry tours last season, I promised myself at least a couple of outings this season. With a new baby in the house, I knew my chances of touring this season were slim to none. My only hope was to force a tour or two by purchasing new equipment. The guilt factor of spending scrilla on gear always gets me out. So I purchased a new pair of AT boots a few weeks back and began looking for a touring partner. Thank god for airline pilots with lots of free time.

We set out for a route previously done but one that provides good vert with minimal effort and a quick exit. The climb up was almost effortless which I'm attributing to my recent interest in yoga and focus on getting my core/upper body in shape. I've always dreaded changes in direction on the skin track but the switch seemed effortless on almost every turn. Weather turned out great, skiing was good for the 1st run with variable conditions on the second. I still don't have the stamina to tour all day but was happy I wasn't sapped after a four hour jaunt.

As for my new boots, they are definitely a step up from my previous. I still wonder if my funky toes will always cause severe pain when wearing ski boots. I'm hoping to get the liners cooked and fitted to reduce pain. I still yearn for a few more tours before the ski season comes to an end. Though I always find myself "over" skiing by March and ready to move on to biking.

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chet's amazing log said...

This tour was demoralizing as i have fallen once again to Matt's legs.