Thursday, March 17, 2011

In the ground

Sean and I managed to get spinach, lettuce and carrot seed sowed last weekend. We also planted broccoli starters and crossed our fingers for no green worms this year. Vegetable gardening is one of those things I think all children should learn. Knowing where your food comes from and how to grow it is an invaluable lesson.

Sean was excited to sow seeds in the rows we prepared. After dropping some seeds outside of the prepared rows, he told me sorry for placing seeds in the wrong place. I was quick to correct him and let him know that in gardening as with life, we all make mistakes. And the real beauty of gardening is that it's not an exact science.

Later that day, I went to take pictures of our plantings so I could post them here. Upon returning inside, Sarah pointed out the lack of a memory card in the camera. Ahhh, yes we all make mistakes and the best we can do is learn from them. Sooooo, no pictures to show you but I hope to take some soon (with a memory card in the camera) for the initial planting/harvest time comparisons.


SandGs Mom said...

whose mistake was having no memory card -- mine for not replacing it -- or yours for not checking?

SLC Gardener said...

I will take the blame for that one. I'm just glad I didn't miss out on the kids doing something super cute.