Friday, September 9, 2011

Harvest Time

A cold and wet spring this year ruined every SLC gardeners dream of a bountiful harvest; thus the lack of posts showing my garden/veggies. Everything in my garden looked and produced about a month later than in previous years.
I'm usually tired of squash by now but still wishing more would come in right now.

Probably the sturdiest bean trellis I've built yet. The beans have taken to it well.

I've been planting spinach for the last few months and am now enjoying lots of salads.

Gracie showing a days harvest

I couldn't post this many pictures without one of Bel. If only you could hear her little laugh and squeals.

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Angi said...

Thanks for finally posting garden updates. I did marinara last week that sure takes up lots of maters but mmmmm.