Wednesday, October 10, 2012

White Rim 2012

After much anticipation and lots of bullying, I managed to get my Dad and a few friends to join me on the White Rim 100 mile bike ride in Canyonlands NP.  The weather and group couldn't have been better, though a little slower riding by Chester and less sand would have been nice.
The day prior to beginning the trek, we hiked to see the sun set on Delicate Arch along with every other tourist in Moab.

A trip to the visitors center to get our permit
 Getting ready to start
 Just before the big Schafer descent

 Chester and Steve survey the Colorado
 Handsome guys but the Colorado is a little dirty looking
 Dad taking his chances - Musselman Arch
 We talked on the drive about how we never see any big animals in the desert.  Then we saw this Bighorn sheep later in the day.

Steve cooks breakfast for 10

Ready to hit the trail
Break time

Great view of the Green River

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